Thursday, December 9, 2010

Haltering Day 2: the boys

This afternoon we set out to halter train the boys up in the little boys barn. Both Chaska and Copper are up there and need to be trained. Chaska gave Zack a bit of a hassle in that he didn't want Zack to get too close to him:

But Chaska would walk in a circle, one of the first things we try to get them to do (the very first step is just getting the halter on them, next comes taking a step that often is done by turning them in a circle):

Zack even got Chaska to walk all the way across the pasture on the led:

Copper is not doing as well on the halter. I don't think we've had him on the halter as much as we have Chaska. Though it does seem some alpacas catch on quicker than others. Copper is one who likes to pull on led:

But he would pose with Zack:

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