Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tucker's Fiber

One of our favorite males, Our Peruvian Tucker:

Last week I spun up the last of Tucker's fiber. Tucker was not on our farm for most of 2010, including shearing time, so we did not have any of his 2010 fiber. (He was at a farm in Ohio, we swapped males for almost a year). I was still working through his 2009 blanket. I love Tucker's fiber. It's a wonderful light silver grey color. It has a nice crimp that I find easy to spin. And his fiber does not hold onto debri like some of our animals blankets do.

Spinning yarn:

Two strands ready for plying:

Washing yarn:

Ball of yarn:

Knitting in process:

I am sad to be out of Tucker's blanket fiber. It makes me eager for our 2011 shearing, just to get more. In the mean time, I have plenty of other blankets to work through.

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