Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Helper

Zack has been my halter training buddy. I couldn't do it without him. Walking an alpaca on the led only takes one person, but haltering up the cria is what is the problem. Zack and I herd them into the pen. Then we get ahold of them, usually Zack holds them while I put the halter on them. We take turns walking with them.

We've had our share of adventures. There have been two incidents where Zack was walking a cria on the led and accidentally let go of the led. That results in a cria running around the pasture with a halter and led dangling. While I'm sure our chasing the cria from that point is quite comical, at the time it can be frustrating. There have been other times I can't find Zack, only to discover him eating snow:

Zack loves winter, loves the snow, and loves to be a good helper.

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