Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend's fiber project

This weekend my project was processing Tucker's fiber. It occurred to me that I really should have put off halter training until after the holidays. While I'm glad we've been good about getting out there to halter train several days a week, I really should have spent that time spinning yarn and making products for Christmas presents. Next year I'll start halter training after Christmas. It won't make a difference to start a couple weeks later (I've waited much longer before and every one was trained by show season). But, it would be really nice to have that time these weeks heading up to the holidays to get all the last minute stuff done. I'm not good at procrastination, so last minute stuff always stresses me out. Not that it's last minute stuff yet, but being I'm not good at procrastinating, it feels last minute to me to be spinning yarn yet for this holiday season's gift.

Spinning Tucker's fiber:

A strand on the bobbin:

I love how the grey color of Tucker's fiber is a mix of black and white. It makes such a pretty yarn.

I managed to get two strands spun throughout the weekend.

I skirted and tumbled two batches of Tucker's fiber on Friday evening. On Saturday I flicked up a batch and spun up one strand. Sunday I flicked up the second batch and spun that into a strand. It has to set at least over night before it can be plyed, so that part had to wait. I am sort of tempted to ply it in the evening, since I finished the second strand early Sunday afternoon (a few hours should be enough time to set), but I have other things I can work on, it can wait. Some evening this week I will ply these two strands together, put it into a skein, wash it, and hang it to dry. A couple days later, once it's completely dry, then I can put it into a ball of yarn. By mid-week it will be ready to for knitting, a perfect portable project I can take with me to one of our holiday gatherings.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

You have been one busy spinning lady! It all looks so wonderful. You do a great job.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

awww thanks! I feel like I should be doing so much more. You've seen the bags of fiber I *still* have :)


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