Monday, December 20, 2010

Haltering progress

Zack and I have been busy halter training our 2010 cria. Our goal was to alternate days, one day training the young boys at the boy's barn, the next day training the younger ones still with their moms, and then a day off only to start the rotation again. I'm happy to say that we have done a great job with making time for halter training. They each have been getting at least two sessions a week.

Up at the young boys barn, Chaska is my star pupil. He is doing great on the led. I would be fine taking him to the vet, knowing he would walk where I need him to. He needs a bit of fine tuning before being ready for a show, but he's well on his way.

I love this picture Zack got of Chaska, haltered up:

Copper, on the other hand, is having a bit more trouble with halter training. He prefers to pull back on the led, and at times will walk on his knees to avoid actually walking with me.

We had read about, and in the past tried, haltering an animal who knows how to walk on the led with one who does not. They will follow the led of the one who is doing it right. We've tried this before with success. Up at the young boys barn I had the choice to halter up Cavalier to assist with Copper, or use Chaska. While Chaska isn't completely trained, we already had him haltered anyway, so it made the most sense to use him. Cavalier is already trained and I wouldn't halter him except to use as a training model. Cavalier was our back-up plan, but I never had to use him.

I alternated between having the two boys connected to each other, and walking them on led next to each other. Here they are next to each other:

This is the second session we did with Copper where I had him training with Chaska's led. I am very happy to say that Copper is making good progress. This method appears to be working quite well. Copper is taking a few steps when I walk, which is more than he was doing a week ago. We still have a long ways to go with Copper, but each time I feel like he's getting better.

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