Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is having a very merry day.

While I have been busy with Christmas chaos at our house, I always find some down time once everyone is settled into using (playing with) their new presents. Ahh the quiet after the chaos.

I thought I'd put up pictures of many of the alpaca product presents we have given away this year. I took these pictures after we already gave away one of the presents, and before the last two scarves were made. It's really hard to capture the knit products in a picture. To get their true beauty, one must see and touch and feel these items. But, since this is on-line, pictures are the best I can do.

Here is the array of scarves in various colors and styles. The colors include rose grey, fawn, black, another rose grey, and fading fawn

First is a rose grey male muffler, made out of fiber from our own Greyt Exxpectations. This scarf pattern is wider and shorter, giving it a more masculine look.

The next one was made from fiber off of Cafe, who is no longer on our farm, but resides on a farm nearby.

Rosco provided the true black fiber for the lush black scarf. It's hard to see in the picture that the scarf is a very lacy pattern.

The rose grey scarf also came from fiber off of Greyt Exxpectations.

The last one was made from fiber off of Tehya. Tehya is a beautiful fading fawn, which spins into a wonderful variated yarn.

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