Monday, May 9, 2011

1st and 2nd place for all

We are proud to say that every one of the six alpacas we took to the show this past weekend either came in 1st place or 2nd place in their class! We couldn't be more proud of our babies.

I already posted about Gabe coming in 1st place and receiving Color Champion. I also posted about Boppana coming in 2nd in his class. We are thrilled! Bo is ready to start his breeding career this year and we have some girls picked out for him.

On Sunday we had a busy day ahead of us, knowing we had 4 of our 6 alpacas yet to show

The next one of our alpacas to go in the show ring was Chaska. When we looked at the show book, we saw that one of the males in Chaska's class was one that the judge at the Indiana show had said was the best animal at that show! While we like Chaska and he has some wonderful qualities, I know he's not the best on our farm even, we knew at that point we were fighting over 2nd place with the others left in the class. We were so proud to have Chaska placed in 2nd place!!

Then we hit the fast pace stretch with our three grey alpacas. This is a much smaller show than others we have attended, so at least there was only one show ring. We didn't have to worry about J showing in one ring while I'm in another ring, and having back to back in one of those rings (like we've had at every other show we've attended this spring). I had the added difficulty of having a migrain and allergy reaction all day Sunday. My eyes were red and hurt and I was pretty miserable. But at least I didn't have to worry about going in the ring, I just kept the alpacas ready so J could get them in the ring on time.

Our Greys: Twilight was in the Juvi Silver Grey Class, then Rose in the Yearling Rose Grey Class and lastly Challenger in the Juvi Rose Grey Class.

Twilight has shown in both the Indefinite Dark Class and the Silver Grey Class, depending on the show (she's shown twice in each class). Here she was in the Silver Grey Class and came in 1st place! Twilight's show record is now three 1st place ribbons and 1 third place.

Unfortunately Rose had no competition in her class. Since we've seen her take 1st of 6 before, we welcomed some competition. She received a 1st place here, giving her a show record of three 1st place ribbons and two 3rd place ribbons.

There was no female grey color championship which was very unfortuate because we had two girls in 1st place who would have been in competition for it. There has to be a total of at least 10 alpacas in a color class for there to be a color championship and there wasn't at this show.

Challenger showed in a tough class with five other grey juvenile boys. He came in a close 2nd place. This gives Challenger a show record of one 1st place ribbon and three 2nd place ribbons.

This has been our best show season yet! We are so happy our babies are proving themselves in the show ring. It's been a rough road for us, we haven't always had such a great show season. I'll post more about that in future posts.

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