Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Cria

We only have one female due to May, our very own Tehya.

Tehya was born in 2008, the first year we had cria born at our farm. She was the third one born that year, but the only birth I saw from start to finish. It feels like things are coming full circle now, our own baby is going to be having a baby.

Tehya is a fawn girl who is bred to a grey male, Our Peruvian Navigator. This is Tehya's first cria. As for what to expect, we have a 50% chance of a boy and 50% chance of a girl. For color, it depends what Tehya's secondary color is. All alpacas have two colors, one from their dam (mother) and one from their sire (father). To generalize, typically the lighter color is the color they exhibit (that is kind of a simplified version of how it goes). If the alpaca passes on grey the cria is grey, so grey beats out any color. Tehya is fawn, a color she got from her sire. Her dam (our own Kateri) either gave her a brown gene or a black gene. It depends what her secondary color is what color her cria could be.

If Tehya's secondary color is brown, then her type would be fawn and brown (FB). If her secondary color is black, she is fawn and black (Fb).
Navigator is grey and black (Gb).

So the choices are:
Tehya (FB) x Navigator (Gb) = FG, Fb, BG, or Bb
FG = grey would be exhibited
Fb = fawn would be exhibited
BG = grey would be exhibited
Bb = brown would be exhibted


Tehya (Fb) x Navigator (Gb) = FG, Fb, bG or bb
FG = grey would be exhibited
Fb = fawn would be exhibited
bG = grey would be exhibited
bb = black would be exhibited

Either way there is a 50% chance the cria will be grey, and a 25% chance the cria will be fawn. The other 25% depends on if Tehya's secondary color is brown or black.

Tehya is due any day now, and we can't wait to see what wonderful cria she has!

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Kathryn Ray said...

Oh, this is exciting. :-)

Our first female cria is pregnant as well. She's due in August.

Good luck with your soon to be arrving little one.

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