Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shearing of the Juv's

On Saturday we set out to shear our male herdsires and then our juveniles. I think the transformation they go through with shearing is so dramatic, I wanted to capture the change in each of them.

For the juv's I did some group shots, and some individual pictures. It's hard to get a good picture of Rose, so she's the main one I couldn't get a good individual shot of.

Twilight, Rose and Chaska:

Gabe, Chaska, Rose, and Challenger:

Smokey's Twilight in full fleece:


OHVNA Chaska in full fleece:


OHVNA Challenger in full fleece:


Gabriel Star of RobAsia in full fleece:


And some group shorn pictures

Twilight, Rose and Chaska:

Chaska, Challenger and Rose:

Chaska, Challenger, Twilight:

I think these juvi's are so cute when shorn! But I might be biased, because I am also drooling over the bags of fiber that came off these wonderful creatures. The juvi's have the nicest fiber. I can't wait to start spinning some of it!

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