Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hot Girls

I'm sure many 2nd graders beg their parents for this or that on the way home from school, but I doubt too many of them are begging to hose down some alpacas when they get home. Zack loves to put on his swimsuit, turn on the hose, and help the ladies cool down. The alpacas love to be sprayed off. It's especially helpful to hose them down right between their front two legs. That part of their chest is where they regulate their body temperature, and cooling it off with hose water is just what they love on a hot day. We went from cool 60* temps to 80* in a couple days time.

Here they are lining up, all wanting their turn on the cold water spray:

Some of them will cush in the cold water spray:

Often after they are sprayed they will go roll in the dirt.

The girls will fight over who gets to be sprayed down, they love it so much. Here some felt refreshed from being sprayed so they went over to eat some hay, others want another turn in the water.

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