Monday, May 30, 2011


I haven't posted about working with fiber because to be honest, I haven't done much with it lately. Between the farm and work and family and training to run in a 10K, the thing that got dropped was spinning up yarn. And I did this horrible thing of starting to spin up some fiber I hate to spin. (I don't like very fine fiber because it's hard for me to spin, I end up over spinning it so it's no longer soft which is the benefit of fine fiber. And, this batch is an older bag that had lots of second cuts in it). Between not having much time and not really wanting to spin the fiber, I really got side tracked!!

Now that I have bags and bags of freshly shorn wonderful fiber to spin, I can't wait to get my hands on it! This is what motivated me to finish spinning up this white fiber over the last few days.

I flicked (my flicker in the box along with the second cuts I came across):

Here is the flicked fiber:


And plying two strands:

I decided I just wanted to get this yarn done, so I spun up a thicker chunky and at times lumpy yarn (those second cuts will come out as lumps if you don't skirt them all out). I figured a funky yarn would be fun (and would be quicker for me to spin up given the way this fiber is).

Today I am getting my hands all over some new fiber!!

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