Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boppana Won 2nd Place!

This is the first show we took ATA Peruvian Boppana to. He is almost 3 years old, so was placed in the class of Adult Fawn Males. It's fairly common for farms to show boys at the juvenile age, and the yearling age, but few show them once they hit the 2+ age (part of this is because they start breeding and can be hard to handle at shows). But since Bo had never been to a show, we really wanted to hear what the judge had to say about him. We know what we think of him, but it's nice to get further feedback.

Bo placed 2nd in his class of 4 males. We are very happy with this placing. The judge said that Bo has excellent conformation, and if anything was a bit less fine than first place.

I didn't take any pictures of Bo at this show, but I have these from on our farm:

Bo and Gabe both showed on Saturday. Sunday we will be showing: Chaska, Challenger, Rose and Twilight - a very busy day.

I did take couple pictures around our pen. Here is our hall of fame (all their ribbons)

At this show they lay sod down for the stalls which is really nice. Here is Gabe snacking on some:

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