Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gabe Won Color Champion!!!

Gabe showed this morning in his class of juvenile true black males. There were six in his class. We had heard that one of the boys in his class won 1st and Reserve Color Champion at the Indiana Show (the show I have said I believe has the most fierce competition). We were beyond thrilled for Gabe to take 1st in this class!! That boy who had won 1st and Color Reserve at Indiana came in second place here. The judge stated that their fiber is very similar, the only difference was that Gabe was stronger on his front and rear legs (but also stated that these are very young growing boys and that could change at any time).

After all the black and bay black classes showed, then the 1st place of each class goes into the color championship. Since Gabe was first in his class he was in the competition. There was some very stiff competition, one of the males in this group had won Reserve Color Champion at the AOBA National Show last year. Gabe beat them all!! He won Color Champion!!!

This is the first Color Champion that we have won on our farm. Our own OHVNA Pocahontas won color reserve, and that was a high honor, but this is an even bigger step for us.

After the Color Champion is chosen, then the ones who had won 1st in their class and the 2nd place for the class who won Color Champion compete for the Reserve Color Champion. The 2nd place from Gabe's class won Reserve. That's fairly rare for them to pick from the 2nd place, usually they like to award it to a 1st place from another class, but in this case both these boys were so good they were the top of the black color group.

Here are his ribbons ~ 2nd place from the Wisconsin show and 1st + Color Champion from this show (red is second place, blue is first place and purple is Color):

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