Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2nd Place Boys

Our new boy, Gabriel Star of RobAsia, showed in the first class of the show: juvenile true black males. His class was broken into two sections. The alpacas enter the ring, oldest first. When they split a class, the older half show in the first section, the younger half in the second section. I believe there were 10 in his section (there were two sections of 10, so 20 total). We were thrilled to have Gabe take 2nd place!!!

Gabe at our farm:

Gabe at the show:

Gabe's ribbon:

Our own OHVNA The Challenger was in a class of 7 juvenile rose grey males. He took 2nd place in this class!!!! I mentioned in a previous post that the male who beat Challenger was technically a silver grey (the owner had told me he thought so, and I could hear the judge tell the owner that the alpaca was really silver grey, not rose grey. The judge did not kick this alpaca out of the class, but could have done so. She didn't say why she didn't kick him out, but it may have been because the silver grey class had already shown). Really, had that alpaca shown in the correct class, Challenger would have received 1st place!

Challenger at the show:

Challenger at our farm:

We were so incredibly busy at the end of the show with our three grey alpacas, that I didn't have time to get pictures of their ribbons. At one point I was in one ring showing Challenger, while J was in the other ring with Rose. Then we both had to go back in for the color championship (me with Challenger and J with Rose), at the same time Twilight was on deck to show in the next class - crazy busy!!! Every show we've been to this spring has been crazy busy like that. J teases me that he doesn't want any more grey alpacas. He doesn't like that they show at the end of the shows, meaning we stay busy to the very end. While we are winning in the ring, many other farms are packing up or have already left. There are few there to see our accomplishments. And, we don't have many alpacas in other colors, making the start of the show rather slow. The reality is that we breed for all colors, so every year, depending on what color cria we have born, it will alter our show experience. We love our greys so we'll take the hectic ending to the show, especially when they do as well as they have been.

Unfortunately at this show they do not take official show pictures for 1st and 2nd place like they do at the other shows we attend (here they only do those pictures for Color Champion and Reserve Color Champion). Had they done pictures for 1st and 2nd, we'd have 4 official show pictures from this show! That's a record for us.

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