Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Name

Naming the new cria is a big deal at our house. Since alpacas are so much of our life, that name will be used many times in the future. Our kids play in our backyard with the cria, and call their names many times. And, we all seem to have strong opinions on what we want the cria's name to be. So this can lead to long deliberations.

For each of our breeding age females, we picked a theme for their cria's names. This is was Tehya's first cria, so we had to find a theme for her cria's names. Tehya's mom, Kateri, has the theme of "Native American". Her offspring have been names like Tehya (means "precious") and Chaska (means "first born son"). We wanted to do something Native American for Tehya also, but different from her mom to differentiate them. For Tehya we chose the theme of Famous Native Americans and Tribe Names.

On the day this little cria was born, when I was driving home from work, I saw the name Cheyenne on the side of a barn. I just knew I wanted to that for this cria's name. It took some fighting for me to get to name her this (my 11 year old was not happy about it either).

Official name: OHVNA Cheyenne

The "OHVNA" stands for Oak Haven Alpacas.

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