Monday, May 31, 2010

Crazy Cria

I'm always amazed how quickly cria grow up. They stand within hours of birth, start walking, and within days can out run me. Compared to us humans, they are faster learners.

Last night I caught little Copper racing around the pasture. It was already dark and he was quick, so the pictures I got are terrible. Even worse is that the fence is in my way. I didn't want to go past the gate for fear he'd stop his racing game. He'd start out by the swingset, and race down the hill, then end up in the back pasture, only to start all over again. He was having a blast, running at top speed:

Given his color, he really looked like a deer racing about.

I think it's the cooler evening temps that make him start running. I love watching the cria run and play. He could use a playmate, but so far Maddie seems to be holding onto her baby. At this rate, Copper will be huge by the time the next baby comes along.


Kathryn Ray said...

I love it when they start running around. It so joyful to watch them.

My girls were all chasing each other around their corral a few weeks ago. The three youngest ones(11 mos, 20 mos, 3 yrs) will usually play, but this time our old lady (10 yrs) was also joining in.

cara said...

I love it when the older ones join in. It's like they can't help but let their inner child come out. I'm sad that Maddie, who's now almost 3, stopped pronking now that she's pregnant. She used to play with the cria a lot. Maybe she will again after this baby is born (she's on day 356).

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