Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pregnant Girls Shearing Pictures

Sancha (12 years old), who is due with a baby (day 350) on May 21st:

The good news about Sancha is that we finally have found a way to keep her weight up so when she's ready to deliver, she's not too thin. We didn't realize this was an issue with her the first year we had her. It wasn't until after she was shorn that we realized. The next year we worked on it, and had a significant improvement. She was plenty healthy to nurse Lily. But this year we made even more improvements. What we've found works really well is adding rabbit pellets (grain) to her food. I do smaller amounts throughout the year. Then about a couple months before her due date, all the way through nursing the cria, I give her 1 cup of regular alpaca grain and 1/2 a cup of rabbit pellets. The rabbit food is much higher in protein and really helps give her the added nutrition that she needs.

Kateri (5 years old)

Hana's Victoria (5 years old)

and since I often don't get a good picture of their shorn face, here is Victoria's. You can see that she has a wooly face (curls by her nose), no wonder all her cria do.

KSF Midnight Masquerade, AKA Maddie (almost 3 years old):

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