Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's all in the name....

We still are struggling with the name of our new little guy. When we heard he was brown, and when we saw him with the darkening shades of brown going down his legs, the name Mudslide seemed to fit so well. But, I have a hard time actually calling him that. The name "Copper" pops out at me every time I see his face. I like Copper Canyon or Copper Head, and then call him Copper for short. We still haven't made a final decision. We don't have to decide for sure until he's registered. But I'd like to start calling him something. "Little guy" just doesn't quite do it.

Like most moms, Sancha is pretty protective of her little one. She will even spit and run after us if we mess with him too much. To weigh him, we leave her by the gate, and take him to the scale.

He weighed in at 21 pounds! Two days later he was 22.6, so he's gaining well. We expect he's going to be very big boy.

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