Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sancha's Surprise

On Saturday morning I said to Emma, "I am predicting that Sancha will have a white male on Wednesday." It was an educated guess. Sancha has always alternated between male and female offspring, she had a female last year. Sancha is white and has had mostly white offspring. And, from the births we have had on our farm, she tends to go until about day 356 gestation.

Well, she did have a boy, so that part I was right on about. But it was born on day 351 (Saturday morning) and is brown!!! I wasn't expecting that color. In fact, not to long ago I made the argument that we believe her secondary color is fawn (we didn't know for sure, but we believed that to be the case). I had said if she has a white cria this year, we still won't know for sure what her secondary color is. Now we do know. It has to be black. Her mom is fawn, but had a black cria (she has a black secondary color), so she had to pass on a fawn or black gene to Sancha. If Sancha had fawn as her secondary color, this cria would have been fawn. This brown cria got brown from Apollo, and had to have gotten black from Sancha.

We can't wait to get home to see the little one! We've heard he's doing well, nursing great, and is "cute". I'm sure I'll have pictures of him posted by Monday.

Sunday is the day we finish up at the show, with Pocahontas still to show. And, we pack up and drive home. Busy day ahead!

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