Saturday, May 22, 2010

End of an era

Today was the last show for our very beloved Tehya. As I've said before, no matter how she did in this show, she has made us proud. Tehya will be 2 years old in July, and is old enough (and big enough) to be bred. We plan to breed her after this show is over (likely next week).

Tehya was in a class of 8 yearling females, where she received 6th place. While a bit disappointing, it does not take away the incredible animal that she is. Her show record:

Awards Received
1st - Michigan International Alpaca Fest, Flint MI 9/2009 Level III (Wade Gease)

2nd - The Best of the Midwest, Columbus OH 3/2009 Level IV (Sharon Loner)

2nd - Indiana Invitational, Ft. Wayne IN 4/2009 Level V (Dawn Booker)

1st - MOPACA 3/2010 Spin Off

4th - Indiana Invitational, Ft. Wayne IN 4/2010 Level IV(David Barboza) 1st and 2nd took Color and Reserve

2nd - Alpaca Western Extravaganza 2010 Spin Off

2nd - The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival 4/2010 Level IV

6th - AOBA National Alpaca Show 5/2010 Level V

Tehya is the first generation of alpacas born on our farm. She was born the same day as her half-sister, Shelby, who has moved onto another farm. Lightning was born two months before these two girls. This was our first crop of cria, our first show string. People have told us we were really spoiled to have such a first year. Not too many farms start out with 2 Goldsmith daughters.

At our farm and at the show, Tehya takes on the role of auntie. She watches over the younger ones, and always makes sure to have everyone in sight. At the farm she will sit so that she can see everyone. She starts humming if they wander out of her sight. Here at the show she watches everyone walking by and makes sure the two younger girls are ok. You can see Tehya's head above the other two, watching out:

It's bittersweet to see the end of her show career. She's made us proud, but I also know she will produce some even more incredible cria for us. Thank you, Tehya, for the joy you have brought us!

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