Monday, May 17, 2010

Young Ladies Shearing Pictures

Kateri's Tehya (will be 2 years old in July), Tehya is going to Nationals, so she did not get shorn yet (she will show in full fleece). I'll post her shorn picture after the show.

CCAP Cafe au Lait (1 years old): I have a terrible time getting a good picture of her, she keeps moving on me. This was the best I could do:

OHVNA Pocahontas (will be 1 years old in June). She is going to Nationals, so no after picture yet.

Ashton Stones Little Miss Rosco (will be 1 years old in August)


watalulu said...

Those little necks are so CUTE.

cara said...

isn't it amazing that they can even hold their heads up. we laugh every year thinking "so this is what was under all that fiber"

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