Monday, May 3, 2010

Typical Morning

I know I posted almost an identical morning a few weeks back. This just goes to show how typical this is.

I came out to feed our girls, and when I stepped out the back door, I could see Sancha and Victoria peer their heads out of the shelter. They are nosey creatures, and wanted to see if I was going to get grain. If so, they were going to run to the gate to greet me.

When I got the grain and brought it into their pasture, I discovered that had been a fight. Seems Maddie and Kateri got into a spit fight about something. Here they are with their spit lips:

When they were finishing up their grain, Sancha came over by where I was filling water buckets. I fill them daily and rinse them out at least every other day. About once a week I scrub out the buckets. We are lucky in that we have really good well water here. We do not have much trouble with things growing in our water. I've heard horror stories from other farms where they have to scrub water buckets everyday. When I dumped out the water to wash the buckets, Sancha tried to kush in the water:

So I filled up her new pool for her:

This is a fairly typical morning here at the farm. I do find on the weekdays, I'm in more of a rush. I also tend to be wearing dress clothing, so I limit what I do in order not to ruin my clothes (on occasion I have had to go and change clothing). My job sometimes requires my testifying in court so I do have to look professional. Alpaca spit and hay on my collar really wouldn't work :) I've tried to come up with other weekday morning routines so that I don't wear my nice clothes out to the barn and pasture, but that seems to be what works best. On the weekends, I'm more likely to fill the pool and stand out there for awhile just watching them. I love watching the cria in their belly moving around. It's not uncommon for me to go out there and feed them their morning grain, and not to make it back inside the house until lunch time.


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

I tend to find myself out in the barn in my pjs most days!

cara said...

oh yes, especially on weekends... I'll be shoveling poop, thinking I *should* have just gotten dressed.

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