Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fiber Festival

This past weekend there was a fiber festival only minutes from my home: the Farm Girls Fiber Festival

Had I been more organized, I would have gotten a booth. But as it was, I have no fiber ready for sale (it's all in big bags, not weighed or anything), no yarn spun, no knit products available. I seem to find homes for any product we do complete, so I don't have a stock pile. I hate to admit it, but I still have some fiber off of Victoria on my spinning wheel that was there before alpaca show season began. While we had our animals shorn a couple weeks ago, the next weekend was the National show, and it seems I've been on the go since before then. We attended four spring shows, Emma has been in soccer and Zack recently started baseball. It seems every night I have something I need to do. My fiber room is a mess.

But, I did go to the festival to check it out and see my spinning friends. Between work and picking the kids' up from school, I haven't been able to attend spinning guild either :( J worked all weekend, so that meant I arrived at the festival with kids in tow. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the kids behaved.

I was very impressed with how busy the festival was. Many more vendors and booths than were at the festival over Labor Day. I can see how this is going to grow each year. I hope to get my stuff together so that I can get a booth come Labor Day weekend.

Expect some posts in the near future about me working on my fiber - sorting, weighing, spinning and knitting. Show season is officially over, so while I wait for cria to be born, I can let the fiber-a-holic in me go crazy.

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watalulu said...

Can't wait for visuals.

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