Friday, May 21, 2010

First Place!

Our first ribbon of the 2010 AOBA National Show goes to Lightning!! 1st place in the spin off. He missed the top score by .5 of a point - so close!

The spin off category at the National show is quite large. It is the largest spin off in the country! Here is the wall of all the spin off ribbons:

Then a closer view of the section Lightning is in (he is next to the missing one):

And Lightning:

We only went to the show in the a.m. to feed the alpacas, and check on them. Then we spent the day at the zoo. Here are the kids in their cage:

After the zoo, we went back to feed the alpacas their evening meal, fill the water bucket and fill hay bags. Then we went out to supper, and into the pool to wear out the kids so they will sleep good again.

Saturday we need to be at the show early, as Jolie will show first thing. Tehya should show later in the day, so we will be there all day. It will be an interesting day for sure. Not sure if I'm thinking more about how the animals will show, or how our kids will behave. If you know them, you know they are active, lively, kids, who aren't real good at staying calm and quiet. I know it's really just being typical kids, but, it's frustrating when they act so wild. Prayers needed for their cooperation (my patience), and for the animals to show at their best.

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watalulu said...

Congratulations Lightning!

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