Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week's update

When I look over this last week's blog entries, I realize there have been quite a few updates.

At the Michigan Breeder's show, Rosco ended up being quite sick. She did not place in her class and it was a horribly miserable weekend for her. Poor girl. As it turns out, Tehya did bring a virus back from the Wisconsin show. It affected several of our alpacas, despite our efforts to separate the infected ones. Like all viruses, it needed to run it's course. They are all happy and healthy now. Thank goodness that is over. Lightning placed 4th in a class of 6. There were quite a few top names in his class, including a few who have won color championships in the past. For a stacked class, he held his own.

Since we started using the DE last weekend, I have noticed a huge decrease in how many flies are in our barn and pastures. It's incredible! We will be stocking up on DE for sure.

Spot continues to seem fine, even with gulping down most of a tub of Sand Clear. He's one lucky dog!

Tehya's anxiety issues have decreased significantly. She hardly ever paces the fence line anymore, even when we are out there. I think she is slowly adjusting. I really think her issue is that she does not want to be the leader of the group, but being the oldest there, they all look to her to lead them. She's adjusting.

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