Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alpacas and the oil spill

I recently came across some video's showing how the hair/fur/fiber booms can soak up oil. I found these videos quite interesting and thought I'd post them for others to take a look. I didn't realize this, but Matter of Trust is the company that does these booms, and they have been around since way before this most recent oil spill. This isn't a new thing, just a more urgent need right now.

Here are some video clips:

YouTube: Alpaca Fleece to Help in Gulf

YouTube: Hair Booms vs. Conventional Booms (on this one, the alpaca fiber is the second experiment)


Kathryn Ray said...

Matter of Trust is a great organization. I just got my notification for where to send our donations yesterday. It feels good to be able to help, however small it may be.

Rachel said...

Wow, what a great organization! I had no idea! I will DEFINITELY pass this along!

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