Thursday, June 3, 2010

OHVNA The Cavalier - ETSY report

Cavalier (AKA Cav) (his ETSY page is here)

Cav is a light fawn boy, with fine, and dense fleece. I had wondered how he would do in the show ring this spring. We had his cria tips shorn too soon, so when his fiber started growing out, there was still some tips left. This made his crimp and bundling structure not go all the way to the tip. Some judges take this into consideration when judging juveniles, other judges do not. We were excited to see when he was shorn this spring that his crimp was incredible near his skin. When it grows in this coming year, he will have some really amazing fiber.

This fiber for sale is his cria fleece. You don't get more fine and soft than this! There is nothing like baby alpaca.

Cavalier in full fleece:

Cav's fiber scanned:

Picture of Cav's fiber:

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