Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fiber room

Part of me is embarrassed this is so messy, but the fiber addict in me, LOVES it! Fiber, fiber, everywhere!!

Straight into the room:

And around the corner, to the left side of the room:

If you are wondering, I have the bags open on the top for a reason. If the bags are sealed, and there is some moisture in there, it can mold and ruin the fiber. So I leave the bags open, and they stay nice and fresh. Our dogs don't go down there, and the kids stay out of my fiber room. So far, I've had no accidents of fiber escaping.

I plan to do the same thing I did last year, bag all the really nice blankets into zip lock bags. Last year I did 4 ounces per bag, and that seemed to work really well. I sell it on ETSY in that amount, and it seemed to work fine at fiber fairs. I also like it because then I can grab 2 bags and make a skein of yarn. It's already weighed out then, I just spin one bag into a strand, the other bag into a strand, and ply.

I keep thinking some rainy weekend I'll sit down there by the skirting table and make up the bags. I can skirt, and weigh, and label bags all in one shot. I know it doesn't take that long, especially when I rally up some help. Emma is a great skirter. I need a rainy weekend when she's bored :)

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