Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rose's Adventure

It's been Rose's first week on our farm, and already she has everyone wrapped around her! Here she is standing by the fence, sniffing the kids before we take an adventure hike in the woods (an adventure hike is what we call wandering on paths in the state land behind our home. They aren't marked trails, and each time we take a new way, it's an adventure. There are 100's of acres of state land to explore back there. We put on play clothes and hike for hours out there). Our house dog, Quinn, loves Rose too.

(while it looks like the kids' have Rose's head stuck in the fence, they don't. Rose put it there to get closer to them.)

Rose is very sweet, and very friendly. She's pretty too :)

I'm impressed with how she already eats grain! It seems the cria born on our farm take awhile to eat grain. Here is Rose, at barely two months old:

Copper is just over a month old, and only lays by empty bowls:

Rose had an adventure of her own, on Monday evening. On Monday a cool front came through, and the evening hours brought cooler temps. As I predicted, the cria love the cooler weather, it incites them to pronk (run and jump) all through the pasture. Their pasture goes around the side of our house, down a hill. The cria love to run up and down that hill (must be the native Peruvian in them ;) seeking out as close to a mountain as they can). We had concerns when we put this pasture in, that at the bottom of the hill on our house, we have two basement windows. In the year we've had them back there, we've had no problems. I have accused a couple of them of looking through the window to watch tv with the kids (nothing like looking out the basement window and seeing an alpaca face!). But it didn't seem to affect the alpacas at all. Well, on Monday evening, Copper was chasing Rose, and Rose was running at full speed. They do this most cool evenings. They love running and playing. She was looking behind her at Copper, and ran straight into one of the basements windows! We heard the smash, but did not know what it was. Emma was outside and saw the entire thing happen. Emma called us outside, yelling that Rose ran into the glass window. What are the chances that exact thing could happen! We instantly ran out and checked Rose all over. We worried she might have shattered glass stuck in her. She has a little cut on her lip, but no other physical injury. She was clearly shook up though. She huddled right next to her mom, and appeared a bit in shock. Poor girl! It really scared her. When we looked at the window, only the outside pane of glass shattered (the window had two panes). The inner glass did not, so glass did not go inside the house. It was the window in my fiber room. I can only imagine glass shattered all over my fiber :( or worse, Rose could have fallen through and sliced her neck! It could have been a very horrible situation. Thankfully, other than being shook up, Rose is fine. We picked up all the shattered glass outside (had to dig up some of the ground to get all the pieces). We put plastic over the window. Even with the inner pane still in tact, some of the broken pieces were stuck in the window frame and we couldn't get them out. We will replace this asap. And, we will be putting up a fence barrier. I know it's highly unlikely this could happen again. It was a fluke thing. But still, better to be safe than sorry.

In a bit I'll post some pictures of the window patched up and the hill.

Here are some pictures, now that the glass is cleaned up and the window patched.
Inside my messy fiber room:

Outside patched up:

The hill:

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Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little Rose! I am so glad she is okay! She really is adorable! I love watching the crias play on cool nights!

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