Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OHVNA Pocahontas - ETSY report

OHVNA Pocahontas (ESTY shop here)

Pocahontas is the alpaca I dreamed of having. While she's technically an indefinite dark (not quite a dark rose grey), she's still what I wanted. I love the variated color in her fiber. I love the different shades of brown, and the light grey fibers. I can't wait to wash and spin it up. Once I complete the ball of Victoria's fiber that I *still* have on my wheel, I will spin up some of Pocahontas' fiber. It's the first one of this year's shearing I want to spin. I have dreamed of spinning it since she was born!

Pocahontas is fine, dense, with great crimp and fiber architecture. The only negative feedback we have ever gotten is one judge who said we should have trimmed her teeth, and one who said she was in a bit of an awkward growth stage. Never has there been anything lacking in her fiber. It's superior.

Pocahontas in full fleece

Pocahontas' fiber scanned:

Picture of Pocahontas' fiber:

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