Sunday, June 27, 2010

Niddy Noddy, sort of

As I know I've mentioned before on my blog, I don't like using a Niddy Noddy. A niddy noddy is a gadget that is suppose to help one make a skein of yarn. Well, I seemed to just get my yarn all messed up into a massive knot, I never got a nice skein. Instead I use my swift to make a skein. I'm sure there are reasons you aren't supposed to do this, but it works for me. Here is the yarn I made from Victoria, going from the spinning wheel to the swift, to make a skein:

After putting the yarn into a skein on my swift, I soak it in hot water, and hang to dry. This helps set the twist. Here is some yarn skeins hanging off my skirting table in my basement:

The reason there are two skeins, is because I like to ply a small skein of yarn with an alternate color. This gives a contrasting color, to use as an accent. For example, when I knit a hat, I like to have a contrasting yarn for the bottom, as a stripe or edging. I plied a strand of Victoria yarn with a strand of off white, for this contrasting yarn:

Here is the straight Victoria yarn (sorry for the bad picture, not sure what happened):

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