Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sancha's White Lightning - ETSY report

Lightning (or Bugs) as he's known on the farm (his ETSY page is here)

Lightning has always had incredible fiber. He's dense - note how far out the dirt ring is on his fiber. The further out the dirt ring, the denser the animal's fiber. He's fine. His histogram from 2009 is out of this world amazing (putting him in the top 5% of best histograms). He does have more of the zippy crimp, which I don't enjoy spinning as much. But everyone is different - proof of which is that he received a 1st place at the 2010 AOBO National Show, in the spin off. Someone really likes to spin his fiber! He was only .5 of a point away from the top placing animal.

Being white, his fiber is ideal to dye any color. I don't personally dye, but I know that many people enjoy doing this.

Lightning in full fleece:

Fiber Scanned:

Picture of his fiber:

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