Thursday, June 3, 2010

SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations - ETSY report

Greyt as he's known on the farm (ETSY page here)

Greyt is a modern medium rose grey. The "modern" means that he is solid colored rose grey, no white spot, no tuxedo markings. Greyt has shown in the rose grey class, so he is truly a rose grey (has more grey fibers than Pocahontas).

Greyt's fiber is soft, dense, with bold crimp and structured bundles. His top awards are because of his incredible fleece. His type of crimp is my favorite to spin. I've mentioned before that as a spinner I don't prefer the tightly bundled zipper crimp with french fry bundles. This bold crimp with structured bundles is my dream to spin. Add on the color of Greyt (have I mentioned how much I love rose grey?), makes him my dream male.

Greyt in full fleece:

Greyt's fiber scanned:

Picture of Greyt's fiber:

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