Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cafe au Lait - ESTY report

CCAP Cafe au Lait (for a link to her ETSY page, click on the title of the post)

Cafe has very long staple length with consistent fine crimp. She is dense and has a soft handle. I feel like Cafe gets a raw deal because I don't brag about her that much. Then I see Cafe's fiber, and I wonder why I don't brag about her fiber more. It's incredible. It's a beautiful dark fawn, long, with incredible crimp. If anything, she lacks brightness, and bundling. The main reason to figure out an animals weakness, is to make sure which ever animal you breed her to, is strong in those particular areas. She needs a bright, bundled male for her perfect mate.

Cafe in full fleece

Cafe's fiber scanned

Picture of Cafe's fiber

I love how the scanned fiber really gets a good up close look at the fiber. My pictures just don't capture enough.

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