Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My ETSY Shop

I'm so proud of myself, I updated my ETSY shop :) Barely two weeks since shearing, and I have all my new stuff listed.

This took most of a day (Monday) for me to get organized. I did flick fiber and do laundry in between working on it, but still, it's pretty time consuming. I had pictures of the animals in full fleece, but I needed pictures of the fiber. I had heard it's easier to scan the fiber to get a good picture of it. So after I took pictures, then I scanned the fiber along side a ruler. The ruler is a guide (it's not exactly lined up), to get an idea of the length of the fibers. Then I had to come up with a write up on each animal. If you notice any typos in on my ETSY pages, please let me know. There is no spell check, and I'm terrible with typos.

In total I have 12 different fiber lots available. Three are left over from last year, that some how I didn't realize I still had. This includes a lot of Maddie's fiber from 2009, Victoria's fiber, and some of Shelby's fiber (I had no idea I had a few bags of Shelby's fiber left! I might snatch this up, it's a dream to spin).

Looking over the pictures, I liked the way the scanned fiber worked out. I think it gives a good representation of how the fiber looks. See what you think about them.

We now have ten of the 22 recognized colors available on our farm. We have black (Rosco and Maddie), dark brown (Victoria), light brown (Kateri), dark fawn (Cafe), light fawn (Cavalier), white (Lightning), light silver grey (Tucker), dark rose grey (Navigator), medium rose grey (Greyt) and indefinite dark (Pocahontas). Fading fawn is not a separate color, but I think it spins up different than a solid fawn, so in a way that's another color, a variated fawn for a multiple color yarn. (I didn't count it in my 10 colors on our farm though, because it's not a recognized color). I was aiming for variety in color, and I am getting that!

I'll do a separate blog post for each of the 9 new listings. I will try to post all the girls tonight, then the boys tomorrow night.


Kathryn Ray said...

I'm impressed... all that in just a couple of weeks?

I've only got my fleece weighed so far...

Actually we were moving this time last year, so I have last year's and this year's fleece to skirt.

But I need to build a skirting table first. :-)

cara said...

Kathryn - I cheated a little. It's not actually weighed and skirted yet. I have bags of blankets in the basement. As orders come in, I'll skirt and weigh it, and ship it out. It only takes a few minutes to do a few ounces of it. I hope some time in the near future to spend a weekend getting bags ready, so I can just grab a bag and mail it (that's how I had it set up last year). It works good to have the weighed/skirted fleece in zip lock bags on hand to go to fiber festivals and farmers markets. I put 4 ounces in a quart size zip lock bag, and label the bag with the animal's name, the year, # of ounces, and the $ amount. A tip though, I learned not to seal the zip lock bag, as condensation can build up if it's hot out.

I had my husband build my skirting table. Works great!


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