Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Dream!

Today I had the chance to start spinning Greyt's fiber. What a dream!!! It's spins up so nice.

Here is the cloud of fiber to spinning wheel:

Beautiful smooth strand of yarn:

I know some of it is because J did such a great job flicking this fiber. But, the color is incredible, and the fiber is soft and smooth.

The picture does not do justice to this amazing color. The grey shines through like a glimmer of shine. The brown tones look like a deep chocolate color. I knew I wanted a rose grey animal, and his color is all I dreamed it could be. And the soft smooth texture of the fiber spins into a nice even balanced strand of yarn. And... and.... I love this fiber :)


watalulu said...

Beautiful. I can only imagine how pretty it is in person.

cara said...

I'll mail you a few inch sample when I get the yarn done. :) Just email me your addy.

I'm at

So much of being a fiber-aholic is seeing and touching it :)

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