Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue ~ skein 1 of 3

I decided to do some different things with this blue fiber. I wanted to make three different skeins, so I would have different variations in order to make a striped hat.

First I made a small skein of 2 ply blue fiber. I opted to make this one small, planning to have only small totally blue stripes.

It felt strange plying Blue (I typically call my skeins by the name of the alpaca they come from. I have nicknamed this fiber Blue, after our imaginary alpaca, Blueberry):

Here it is completed:

Blue hanging next to Rose (before she was sold):

I wondered if the yarn would look different than my usual home spun. I do think it's more even and less bumpy (for lack of a better word). Now if being less bumpy is good or bad is a matter of preference. I was looking for something different so this is just right.

Here's a closer look at the contrast of Rose's yarn and Blue's yarn:

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