Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spinning Rose

I can't believe I haven't yet spun some of Rose's fiber into yarn. I love her color!! I almost wonder if in a way I've been scared, wondering if I can do it justice. She's a beauty.

Here her fiber is spread out on the skirting table (so I can pick out the hay):

After skirting, I weigh 2 separate bags of fiber. I aim to get 2 batches that will be the same weight and size so that when I spin it into yarn, I will have 2 similar strands of yarn. The goal being that when I ply it, the 2 strands of yarn will match up into a 2 ply skein (though usually I end up with more on one strand than the other - which in a way is ok, as I posted earlier this week, I find ways to use those odd ends).

I forgot to get pictures of the next step, that is where I tumble it in a no heat dryer to get out much of the dirt and debris.

Here it is, ready for me to flick into a cloud and spin into yarn:

My goal had me completing a skein of Rose's yarn this past weekend. This didn't happen. But I am very motivated to get it done before Saturday morning. Then I won't really be behind, as then I will have two skeins completed by the middle of the month, 1/2 way to my goal of 4 skeins for the month of February. (And I am determined not to count the smaller mini skeins. When I set my goal of 4 skeins, I meant 4 nice big skeins.)


Eliz said...

Cannot wait to see!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I've set myself a spinning and knitting target for each month, so far I failed on both for January!

Rose is a lovely colour, happy spinning.

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