Thursday, February 23, 2012

working ahead

Last week we had a heath scare with one of our kids, which resulted in my spending some time in the ER. Funny how I was loading him up in the car and packing stuff up for us to go, I also grabbed some knitting (my stash bag). No sense sitting there with nothing to do.

Thankfully he is fine (it ended up being a stomach bug, but based on his history we totally missed the signs of this common ailment).

While there I knit up the ear flaps, starting another hat:

I plan for this to be a stripey hat. I can use up a lot of my stash, but more so, I think the different tones of brown and fawn will look really neat together.

I am putting the rest of this knitting on hold, while I focus on spinning yarn. I will pick it up again when we head out to an alpaca show - I can't wait!!


Linda said...

After spending over 12 hours in ER with my younger son last fall and NO knitting, I started keeping a pair of socks in progress on the backseat of car. I would have been less stressed, plus probably half a sock done.

WonderWhyGal said...

I didn't learn how to knit until the last year of my Dad's life. Growing up with him sick, I would be a much "Saner" person, if I had knitted back in the day. That being said, I used to cross stitch in the waiting rooms. Thank goodness for knitting and I hope everyone is doing well in your house now.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks ladies :)

Yeah, knitting sure does help the time pass in a calm fashion.

Andrea ~ I used to do cross stitch too, but man, I must be getting old because I am sure my eyes could not follow one of those patterns now. Thankfully much of knitting is done by feel rather than sight (at least how I do it LOL).

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