Friday, February 24, 2012

Pie In the Sky

It might come as a surprise that I sold that skien of Rose's yarn. This one:



It's gone. Likely it already arrived at her new home by now.

A dear friend saw it on my blog, she's been asking to buy yarn for forever, and really wanted this one, so I sold it.

I know that sort of goes against my goals for the month. But it doesn't go against the big picture. The entire idea I had was to increase sales. My idea was to knit up some hats for sale. In order to do that, I need to make yarn. But I have no idea if my hats will sell. While I do have 1 pre-orderd, it isn't the Spicy Rose Hat. I jumped ahead past the making of a hat directly to a sale, now that is what I call making my goal.

As a business we have to keep our eye on the pie in the sky, the big picture, the end result, not the day to day steps we might be focused on.

I have more of Rose's fiber, so I can still make the Spicy Rose Hat. But who knows, maybe someone else will want my next skein of Rose's Yarn.

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