Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Goals Check In Week 3

I challenged myself to 3 main goals for February, and I'm happy with my progress on all three. While it doesn't look like I will actually meet each goal, I'm ok with that. Generally I'm not someone who is willing to let a goal get away from me. But after being so sick last weekend, I really lost out on several days this month. The real point of these goals were to make progress and I sure did that.

1 ~ halter train our alpaca juvis: Thunder, Shamballa, Lady Bing and Dutch: result 3.25/4

While Zack and I did not get in a lot of haltering training sessions this week due to having a bout of the stomach bug, we did halter them on Thursday afternoon for quite a while. Shamballa and Lady Bing have been doing quite well. I'd say Thunder is at 75% trained and Dutch is at about 50%. We are getting there, but will need to put in quite a few sessions between now and our first spring show.

2 ~ spin a skein of yarn a week: result 3+/4

Tehya's yarn:

Rose's yarn:

and my 3 in 1 Tucker N Blue which I have yet to blog about (it really is completed, it just has quite the story to go along with it). Stay tuned for this unveiling.

I put 3+ because in a way it depends how a skein is defined. I aimed to spin up 4 main skeins, not counting the accent ones (smaller mini skeins) but I didn't actually specify that. In my heart I know I didn't do the 4 full skeins like I aimed for, so counting the 3 in 1 as 3 skeins (which it is actually 3 separate skeins) doesn't fit with the spirit of what I meant. So I can't give myself a pass on this one.

However, I do have all weekend to spin and I very easily could spin up another full skein before the end of February. This goal isn't done yet.

3 ~ run 60 miles this month: result 40.5/60 miles

I scaled way back on my running this week. I was sick and I needed time to get well again. Plus, once I was well, there were farm chores to catch up on and halter training. Those took priority over running. Now that we are recovered and back on track, I should be able to get in more running this next week. I know February is over on Wednesday, so at this point I likely won't meet this goal this month. I could push myself if I really felt it essential, but I think it's more important that I get back into running at the right pace and not push myself too much (which could risk my getting sick again, or my being sick of running). I typically run between 15 and 22 miles a week regardless of having this goal to work towards, so I don't feel like I have to meet this goal or else. I know I will be running anyway.

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