Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was going to title this "Incapacitated" but even I decided that was a bit exaggerated.

I do think inconvenienced fits, as I feel really inconvenienced.

This past Sunday I accidentally burned my hand in our fireplace. I don't know how many millions of times I've moved around logs in there and never had a problem, but all it took was a split second when I felt my knuckle hit the metal grate when I knew this wouldn't be good. I thought I snapped my hand away fast enough that there wouldn't be much of a burn. And actually, it's not that bad (and no, that's not me playing it down). It's a second degree burn (there was a huge blister that later broke open), but it's small. The problem being that: 1) it's on my hand 2) it's near a knuckle (moving part) and 3) I can be a wimp.

I've had to keep the area bandaged because it's now an open wound. The first night I noticed fluid weeping out of the blister area. By day 2, the skin that had been apart of the blister completely fell off. If left open to the air, a burning pain begins. I hate messing with bandages.

I'm a huge advocate of hand washing. I wash my hands a lot. And I mean a lot. But I have yet to find a way to wash my hands that doesn't get a bandage wet. So this means lots of bandage changing.

Water on the wound hurts like the devil (not that I know what the devil hurts like but I am guessing). I took a shower with a latex glove over my bandage and hand. I haven't been doing dishes (either my family just accepts I can't do dishes and wisely hasn't suggested I "just wear a glove" or they haven't thought of that angle yet).

Barn chores have been interesting. I can do just about everything, but some activities cause more pain than others. The worst is when my glove rubs up against the bandage, where that entire area is swollen and painful. I did scoop poop on Monday but today I opted not to. It was so painful yesterday. I know I will pay for that later on this week, but for now, I'll chalk it up to being apart of the inconvenience.

I opted not to add pictures to this post, as I am sure no one wants to see it.

On a positive note, I have found a way to spin yarn, despite my hand bandage. I'm half way through a strand of yarn from Rose's fiber.


Louellen Lawson said...

Hope it heals soon and you can get your dishes done! lol. That would be last on my list. :) Glad you can spin though.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Dishes have become a bit of an issue because we are still mid-kitchen remodel, so we can't leave anything on the counter tops (tile is set but not sealed). This means I only have so much space in the sink (good thing it's big) and on top of the stove. At some point I will run out of room to store the dirties :) I'm sort of hoping by then my husband will break down and do them (one can hope anyway).


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