Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hat Completed

I knit this hat a few weeks ago on my trip to and from Ann Arbor at the end of January. After I got home, I had to sew up the back and sew on the ties, then block it. Here it is blocking:

This hat was knit out of two of our alpaca's fiber. The brownish color is medium rose grey off our male, SA Peruvian Greyt Exxpectations. The lighter fawn color is fading fawn from our girl, Tehya. We bred Greyt to Tehya last summer, so we are expecting a cria from this combination. We could get any color cria from fawn to rose grey to brown or even black. Can't wait to see!!

This hat will be for sale on our ETSY farm store. I just need to get some better pictures first. It is an adult size hat (and so far, everyone I've had try it on, says it fits, so it really seems to be a one size fits all).

I plan to take our knit products to all our alpaca shows this spring, so come on by our pen and feel it for yourself.

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