Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Production Line

A couple weeks back we went for a weekend trip to Ann Arbor (where my cousin got married). When we left for the trip, I noticed I have several balls of yarn sitting around. I decided to take them with me and see how much I could knit on another hat.

As it happened, I knit almost an entire hat on the way to Ann Arbor. I knit the rest on the way back:

I didn't bring a needle with me, so I couldn't finish up sewing it together, but if I had had a needle with me, I would have had time to complete this entire hat.

It got me thinking, we have 4 spring alpaca shows where we travel much further than Ann Arbor. What if I knit a hat on the way there, and knit one on the way back? I could always sew it together in the evenings at the hotel. There would be plenty of time to complete a hat on each of my drives. By the end of show season I'd have 8 hats in my collect!?! This would 8x my production line.

This is what sparked my idea to get a ton of yarn spun up during the month of February, so that come show season, I have a ton of yarn to work with. And actually we only have one show in March, I would have the rest of March and some of April to spin up more yarn.

I always knew if I had yarn, I'd knit up stuff. Knitting is fun. Knitting is portable. There is never a loss of what to knit. But seeing first hand how I could go from left over balls of yarn to a knit hat brought it to life for me.

I sewed the seams on this while waiting at the eye doctor with Zack:

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